Monday, March 17, 2014


So most of you know this by now-we bought a house!!!  We have been working for a long time to pay off our debt, and the timing finally lined up.  I failed to take pictures before we moved in, but here are the pictures from the sale listing.  This isn't our furniture :)


 upstairs living room

 upstairs living room

 upstairs living room

 upstairs living room





 master bedroom

 upstairs bathroom

So there are quite a few things we want to work on, update and add-on, but this is a pretty great "first" house.  The deck and back yard is huge, which is a major plus for us.  There is a downstairs family room, guest room and Amelia's room, furnace room, and 1/2 bath/laundry room too (I don't have pictures of those.)

We moved in about 2 weeks ago, and the first thing we did was paint the upstairs family room/hallway.  We will eventually paint every room-the previous owners weren't super great at painting...not that we are profesionals.  The next room will probably be the kitchen-the adobe orange has got to go.  Not saying it's a bad color, it's just not my style.

There is still a ton to do to make it more liveable....since there wasn't a big hurry to get out of the other house, we still have some things there.  The majority of our stuff is here in the new house, but there are odds and ends we don't use all of the time that haven't made the trip over yet.

Here is what I did this weekend (besides unpack more stuff)-not the best photos, but you get the idea:

Also, here is my cute girl-1st picture is our first real dinner in the new house, and the second picture is her modeling her flower girl dress for CocoCole's (Uncle Cole) wedding.

Stay tuned for more progress and better pictures :)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hornbuckle Update, Amelia's 2nd birthday, Christmas 2013 and Hello 2014!

Whoa my gosh! It's been ages since I is the update of what has been going on in our lives.

Aaron started a new job at Wells Fargo in July. He does some techie, scary, complicated stuff that I don't pretty much the same as usual.  He wasn't getting home until 6-6:30 (lately it's even later), so it has pretty much just been Amelia and me for dinner and hanging out until right before Daddy gets home.  He's been working like crazy lately-like 50-60+ hours a week.  It's been exhausting for all of us.  With Aaron working more, I've been trying to do more around the house to alleviate the chores for him.  I've actually learned to cook a few things for dinner....I'll pause while you give yourself CPR......ok, you should be out of shock now.

As far as Amelia goes-holy cow, she's done so much in the last 6 months.  She is a completely different kid.  She's so smart, she repeats everything!  She remembers stuff that surprises me, like "look mom, the Moon!" (which doesn't sound like a big deal, but we had never talked about the moon other than reading books).  She LOVES "Yo Gabba Gabba".  She dances like crazy when the show is on, and says the words before the characters do!

Amelia loves to climb on chairs and the couch and anything she can stand on.  She loves to say "I did it!" or "I do it, Mommy",  and more recently "I love it!"

We had her 2nd birthday party on December 8th, and my parents came up.  We had a great visit.  She got a TON of toys and books (she loves to read).  We had a "Yo Gabba Gabba" Party!


We had a low key Christmas.  We stayed home and played and open presents...and relaxed-which was MUCH needed.  We opened presents from us on Christmas Eve, and then opened presents from Santa on Christmas Day, and stayed in our jammies all day.  We gave Amelia my old kitchen-which she thought was the greatest!  

Our girl has grown a ton this past year.  She has learned so much, and taught us even more.  She's definitely a 2 year old and has the sass to go along with it.  Here are some more pictures from this fall and winter.

We had a quiet New Year's Eve-hanging out at home.  We went to bed about 9:30 and woke up at 12:15, said Happy New Year and passed back out.  2013 was a pretty good year for us, there were ups and downs, but we grew a lot.  Dad retired a few weeks ago, and my parents will be moving back to Iowa soon.  That's the motivation we needed to buy a house-which we are currently preparing for now. 

I hope 2014 is good to all of you-we love you all!

Happy New Year!