Sunday, July 25, 2010

hmm I sorta forgot...

So I forgot about having a blog. I am sitting in the condo in Branson on our Hornbuckle family vacation. Its beautiful here. We went fishing this morning off the dock and I didn't catch anything. Leigh caught the first fish, then Terry caught 2 and Carroll caught 2. I'm only a little bitter that I didn't catch anything. We went grocery shopping and then went down to Branson Landing (shopping center) today. Carroll bought Aaron a St. Louis Cardinals batter's hat and he got me an Ozzie Smith Cardinal's t-shirt. It was grossly hot out, so we decided to come back to the condo, have snacks and go swimming. The pool here is awesome, its an infinity pool so it looks like it flows over into the lake. We are having a great time, and enjoying some much needed r and r.

Oooh time to eat.