Tuesday, November 27, 2012

10 Months and 11 Months Old

What a bad Momma!  I'm so far behind.  We have been soooo busy, it's been ridiculous so here is a mega blog (hopefully short enough for you to read)

10 Months-
We went on our first flight (we went to Houston for my birthday back in October)-Amelia did amazing (are you really surprised?).  She didn't cry or even whimper once on the plane.  Aaron almost didn't make it-it's a long story, but it took me balling to the gate lady and begging her for us all to get on the plane.  We had a wonderful visit, we got to spend to some much needed time with Granny and Pop Pop, we got to see Uncle Heath, Aunt Andrea and Heath and Haydan (we didn't get to see Uncle Scott and Aunt Kim and Scotty, Katelyn and Michael because Uncle Scott's boss is naughty and didn't let him off work.)

We went to the pumpkin patch and picked out some awesome pumpkins (and the biggest gourd ever!) Amelia was the cutest little witch for Halloween.  We had a great time handing out candy and seeing all the kids in their cute costumes!  



10 Month Facts:

11 Months:

 November has been busy busy.  I have been working late a lot, so by the time I get home, it's dark and I want to sleep.  This is what is new:

We are working on standing with no help!!!
A few random things:
Amelia has been saying Dadadadadada and Mamamamamama a lot.  She actually looks at us when she says it.  Her favorite is yelling Dadadadada at the top of her lungs.  She is really chatty!!!  

November 8th marked the 1 year anniversary of when we checked in to the hospital.  

We hosted Aaron's family for Thanksgiving.  It was great getting to participate this year, since last year we were in the hospital.  Amelia was a little overwhelmed because of all the people at our house-she got a little cranky.  Other than the cranky, we had a great time!

11 Month Facts:

Random pictures:
Here she is eating spaghetti


We decorated for Christmas this last weekend-here is our tree!

Some serious cuteness:


Next blog will be after Amelia is a year old!!!! Can you believe it?!



Wednesday, October 3, 2012

9 Months Old

turn your head side-ways-9 months!

I would win the award for best procrastinator.  I'm bad about keeping up with this thing, since Amelia will actually be 10 months old next week!  

I seriously can't believe how amazing she is.  My mom and I were talking tonight about when we were still in the NICU and the big thing was her remembering to breathe by herself.  Now, she does all kinds of new tricks-you can't really even tell she was a preemie!  

A little update on Aaron-he is loving his job as Junior Data Analyst for Meredith (that's a fancy title for I don't know what the heck he does).  I really think he loves not dealing with customers...because customers suck.  He is doing so great-he is the best Daddy.  Amelia is crazy about him, and so am I.  

A little update on me-I'm loving my job at Rock too.  It's complicated and confusing most days, but once I learn about something I feel like a genius.  
Most of you know that I started Weight Watchers last April.  I love it...this past week I hit a pretty sweet milestone-I have lost 40.4 lbs!  I still have a lot to go, but it feels great!  I feel healthier and I have tons more energy!

A few family updates-

We started going to church several weeks ago.  We love it-the people are so kind and inviting.  We were asked to "formally" join, so we did!  We plan on getting Amelia baptized in the Spring some time.
1st time at Church!
Mom and Sis love the Cyclones! (not Daddy) 
We are going on our first trip next week-we fly to Houston to see Granny and Pop Pop.  I am so excited and nervous!  It will be Amelia's first trip, so wish us luck!  Hopefully we won't forget anything important!
Amelia got to meet her Great Uncle Walter this week.  It was love at first sight for both of them.  Sis went through this Stranger-Danger phase, so I was a little worried that she may cry when she saw him, but she smiled instantly!

sitting in a big girl high chair!

Aaron found this picture of me when I was little...he says "WHOA, I see who she looks like now!"  I think she is a good mix of us both though!

Here are some Amelia Facts:

Weighs 15lbs 11oz, and has FINALLY hit the growth chart for her actual age (just barely)
She eats 4 1/2 to 5 ounces of fortified breast milk every 3ish hours, and has a fruit or veggie at least once a day-at her 9 month check up, we were cleared to try regular (nutritious) food.  She loves Puffs
Sippy cups are better for chewing on then for drinking out of.
real bananas are weird!
mmmmm puffs!

She wears size 2 diapers and anywhere from 3-6 month size clothes
Sleeps all night in her crib-she goes to bed between 7-7:30 every night and wakes up between 6:30-7 in the morning.
Can sit up-no problem!
tellin' Daddy a story

playing piano

Favorite mode of transportation is army-crawling.  She is fast! and now she has figured out that she can leave the carpet!

Pretty much only takes showers with us now.
Loves to play!
Doesn't really use the swing anymore, because she is naughty and does this:

Smiles and laughs ALL THE TIME!

Blows raspberries when she doesn't like something...but it's hard to take her seriously because its so funny!!!

Just got over a nasty cold with a cough
the only way to sleep when you don't feel good!
Can stand with help from a stable surface (like a Mommy, Daddy or chair) and can pull herself up to a standing position!

Daddy's girl!
silly Mommy
self portrait

waiting for the doctor's appointment
climbing Mount Daddy

The love of my life!

dressed for fall-good job Daddy

Wish us luck on our trip!!!



ps-go here and see the stunning photos that Audrey took for our 9 month session-including some of her standing! (and show her some love by liking her page!)!