Sunday, May 13, 2012

5 Months Old!

Here is the Hornbuckle Update-

Miss Amelia Beck is 5 months old already!   CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! I feel like we were just in the NICU and praying to get out...and that it felt like an eternity!  She's pretty amazing!
5 months
We haven't been to the doctor since the last post, he doesn't need to see her til she's 6 months old.  I think thats a good sign, he's not worried about her gaining weight.  I weighed her with our scale last night, and with clothes and a diaper on, it said she weighed 12 lbs....I don't think I really believe it though.

She is quite the entertainer.  She giggles and coos and smiles so much.  I can't get enough of it!  She did this crazy thing last week, where I woke up to her screaming, and I look over and she's face down in the bassinet.  So I turn her over, thinking its just a fluke, and a few hours later I wake up to her screaming again, and she's face planted...again.  So now we strap her in.  Little stinker.  
laying in the hammock

The Early Access teacher came and did her assessment with Aaron. First she did her 2 month assessment since that's her corrected age and she passed all of the milestones.  Then she did her 4 month assessment and she only missed one.  She still passed well beyond the guidelines.  

I think she is getting close to teething, but I'm not sure.  Every once in a while she will have a screaming temper tantrum (or Frisbie Fit as I like to call them) and just can't be consoled.  There is no explanation to it, she has a clean diaper, full belly and is snuggling with Mom or Dad and will just freak for no reason.  She doesn't have any other real symptoms though, except putting her fists in her mouth.  

Other things going on-Aaron bought me an iPhone...I'm pretty in love with it!   And I got a new number, which I think everyone has gotten now, but if not let me know.

I have lost a total of 13.8 lbs with Weight Watchers!  I'm pretty excited about it!

Last thing,  I interviewed for a job at Rock Communications and I got the job!  I feel bad to leave Cato already, its a fun job and the girls there are great!  With Rock, I will be working Monday through Friday 8-5.  Its a significant pay increase, the benefits are great, and the best part is that I will have more time with my family.   I can't wait to start!!!!!!  I will be the Client Services Representative which essentially is taking orders from clients, following up with the production crew, managing accounts etc.  Rock prints the ads for HyVee, American, Menards, Fareway, Homemakers, and some other places.  I will get to use my degree still, as I minored in Advertising...I wanted to be a stylist for photo shoots back in the day.  There is a lot of room for advancement and the company is growing!  

Here are the Amelia Fun Facts

-5 months old
-maybe 12 lbs
-eats 3 1/2-4oz of fortified breast milk about every 3ish hours
-wears size 1 diapers
-is snug in Newborn size clothes and we are starting to get out the 0-3 month sizes...although they are still a little baggy
-she loves it when we sing and dance

-we listen to our Raffi station on Pandora and it has a ton of Disney and other kid songs on it
-she lays in her basinet in the bathroom while I shower and sing to her-otherwise she freaks out and I have to get out 40 times
-she loves her baths

-don't you dare not have a foo foo....we need it
-she looks around a lot
-everything makes her smile
-Sammy is getting more interested in her, like maybe he wants to cuddle....or push her out of the way since she has taken over his spot on my lap
-she sleeps really well in her carseat
-she sleeps great in the car (wonder where she got that from...I can barely make it out of the neighborhood on road trips)

-she gets toe jam...which cracks me up, and then I end of singing "Come Together" by the Beatles..."He wear no shoeshine, He got toe jam football, He got monkey finger, He shoot Coca Cola, He say I know you, you know me" anyway...
-she has razor blade finger nails that grow at a crazy rate...I'll file them one night and the next morning she is scratching herself or one of us
-she loves her swing
-she is worth every terrifying, sleepless moment that she has already put us through

Happy Mother's Day 

Love you all