Sunday, November 13, 2011

Quick Update

 So yesterday (11/12/11), the Doctor (Hancock), came in to see me.  He was really positive, and reduced my monitoring.  I only have to be monitored on the contraction monitor for 9 hours a day unless I feel something.  He also made the comment that he feels like we are dealing with an incompetent cervix, instead of preterm labor, which is very promising!

Today, the doctor didn't check me, he just came in to chat.  (They don't want to check all of the time, because it can cause something to happen).  Anyway, he acted like he didn't want to send me home at all, just to be safe.  It was kind of disappointing, BUT, I do feel more comfortable being here and being able to be monitored whenever I feel necessary.  Plus we live far away, which is scary to think if something happened at home, we would have a 40 minute drive to get here.  So, minor disappointment, but for an important reason.  Just more hanging out here!  BTW-the baby was on the heart monitor today and got the hiccups....funniest thing!

I guess I don't have to worry about driving in bad weather or slipping on the ice!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Busy Week

The week started off pretty well.  We had an appointment on Monday with  the Glucose test and an ultrasound.  The glucose test was better than perfect, and the baby actually cooperated right away.  We found out we are having a little princess, and she wasn't so shy this time.  However, we did get some bad news.  My cervix measured very thin, which concerned the Doctor Danbier.  He told me that I needed to come back the next day to do a fetal fibronectin test done.   (I had no clue what that was at the time). 

So that night, we took it kid of easy.  Audrey took us out and got some cute maternity pictures while we still had nice weather (above is one of my faves!) 

The next day (Tuesday), I got ready for work, then met Aaron at the Doctor's office.  He did the test and checked my cervix, then told me to go home and lay down til he called me.  So we went home, and I laid on the couch and worried for 3 hours.  I called the office to see what was going on, and talked to the doctor.  He said that the test came back positive (which essentially means that my cervix was producing the protein to send me into early labor. He told me to pack up, and to go check into Mercy hospital into the Maternity Triage center for overnight observation and some steroid shots.  I got a steroid shot that night (to help the baby's lungs develop faster).  We thought we would only have to stay that night, through the following night to get my other shot.  I forgot to mention that he said that I'm officially on bed rest til the baby gets here.

The next morning (Wednesday), the on-call doctor (Dassanyake) came to check my cervix and said that I had dilated to 1 cm overnight, and she wanted me to stay a few more days for more observation.  I had a pretty good day and night, with minimal contractions-nothing that was consistent or alarming. 

Thursday, the on call doctor (Turner) came in to see me.  She didn't check my cervix, because she didn't want to get anything stirred up in there (which I appreciated-because its not pleasant).  She said she wanted me to stay through the weekend to be safe, and that they would check me and see how the bed rest was doing for my cervix.

Today (Friday), the on call Doctor (Hancock) came in to see how I was doing.  He checked me and said my cervix was still at a 1cm, which is good.  He said that since he didn't have a crystal ball, that he agreed with doctor Turner about me staying the rest of the weekend.  He didn't feel comfortable sending me home yet-which is fine with me, because we live 40 minutes away, and there is no contraction monitor there.  I feel safer here, as much as I would love to sleep in my own bed.

We are just hanging out tonight, and trying to behave ourselves.  The nurses here are incredible, and are so attentive.  I still have bathroom privileges, which is wonderful-because going in a bed pan doesn't sound appealing to me.  I don't know if I will really get to go home after the weekend, but I trust the doctors to make the right decision.  We are just trying to stay relaxed and not stress to make sure the baby stays relaxed...she seems to be a little impatient though.  I don't know where she gets that from :).