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Hi! I'm Emily.  I started this blog a while ago to write about our life.  I wasn't very good about posting until we started trying to get pregnant.  I have several posts on our journey to pregnancy, and then it transitioned into the story of our daughter Amelia.  Throughout my entire pregnancy, the doctors watched my cervix (it was shrinking).  At 24 weeks, I was admitted into the hospital.  You can read that entire story about laying in bed for 4 1/2 weeks, and Amelia being born at 28 weeks 2 days here.  It  talks about Amelia's stay in the NICU, how she progressed each day, and how we all handled it.  It was the hardest thing we've ever done, and yet worth every minute.  

I went to Iowa State University and graduated with a degree is Apparel Merchandising, Design and Production.  That is a really fancy way of saying fashion merchandising, and I learned how to sew.  I worked as a retail supervisor for several years until we had Amelia.  Then I decided that I couldn't be away from her 40 hours a week plus the 10+ it took me to drive back and forth.  Now I have a "real" job were I work Monday-Friday 8-5 (most days).  Its awesome!  I love my job, and I love not being the boss (that is saying a lot, because anyone would tell you that I'm super bossy).

I love to decorate our house.  I love to redecorate our house (Aaron doesn't love it).  There is always something different going on here.  I've started putting our projects and my decorating experiments on here as well.  You can check those out here and here.  

There is some other stuff on here-like Mommy advice (I'm quite the expert with my one kid that is 15ish months old), product reviews of stuff I love and stuff I don't love, and hopefully some funny stuff for you to laugh along with me.  

A few things-I'm not a writer, I'm not very domestic (I can't cook), I try really hard to be funny...and I laugh at my own jokes.  You've been warned.

Allow me to introduce Aaron.

Aaron is my rock and my wings.  We have been together since 2006, and married since 2008.  I'm not sure how I got so lucky, but somehow he hasn't killed me yet.  We have grown so much since we started-it's like we are different people.  

Aaron likes projects (usually).  He got some pretty sweet tools this past year, so projects are a lot easier to get done since he wants to participate.  He gets all excited to get the tools out!  Aaron just got a new job as a Data Analyst for a big company-before that he was a home theater/computer installer.  He's kind of a big deal.

The center of our universe-


Meet Amelia.  She was born 11 weeks early, but I'm convinced it was just because she's an overachiever.  She was in the NICU for about 1 1/2 months.  They normally predict that babies will be released from the NICU around their due date.  Amelia graduated a month before-again, overachiever. She is amazing.  I have a hard time calling her anything else.  Except maybe a miracle.  She's smarter than me...and probably knows it.  You can read all about her journey starting when we brought her home from the NICU here.  (by the way-that picture was taken by my BFF Audrey.  You can see her work here.)

This is Sammy our fat cat.  He is naughty and meows a lot.  

This is his brother, Peyton.  He is our rescued Greyhound. He likes to lay on the couch.

I write this blog for a few reasons.  I write because I want something for Amelia to read when she's older, so she can see how life was when she was little.  I write it as a hobby.  Finally, I write because I hope that something inspires you, helps you or makes you smile.

Welcome to our journey!


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