Sunday, April 22, 2012

NICU follow up, etc.

Oh I am so bad about posting updates.
The NICU follow-up went great! The nurse practitioner was very pleased with her progress. She is right where she should be for her corrected age. She is still below the curve in height and weight-which normal for being a preemie-but she is already on the curve for head size. Shocker, considering she has 2 parents with huge heads! It's just because we are so darn smart! :)
We had our last meeting with the visiting nurse for a few months. Amelia weighed 10lbs 4oz which was just an increase of 4oz in 2 weeks. I was a little concerned since she is supposed to gain about an ounce a day. So Brenda, the nurse suggested we increase her feeds. We are back up to 3 1/2 ounces with a slow nipple to prevent spitting up. Hopefully that will help. She did really well sleeping at night those 2 weeks, which means she skipped at least 1 feeding a night, so that's probably why. 
We saw Dr. Pak last week and got 4 month shots. Yuck.  My poor baby- it hurts my heart to see her cry!        
Anyway, there isn't much else going on in this casa. Love you all!
Btw- I've lost 8.2 lbs on Weight Watchers! Yay!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Some things...

There are some things I never expected...

1. I could wake up before noon without being mad about it.
2. I could love anything or anyone so much (seriously, I love her more than anything-A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G.)
3. I could worry so much about little things.
4. That I wouldn't want to work (I thought it would make me bored, but I would love to be a stay at home mom).
5. That we could create someone so amazing and beautiful.

6. That I could function on such little sleep...I think you all know how much I love to sleep.
7. That I would ever not work at Best Buy.
8. That I would ever get to use my college degree! (YAY!)
9. That I would be so excited to start a diet. (I started Weight Watchers on Wednesday-I'm ready for the baby weight to be gone)
10. That we would have to buy 2, count them, 2 deep freezes for all the crazy amounts of breast milk that I pump.
11. That our little tiny 3lb 7oz girl would weigh 10 pounds!  10 lbs. 1 oz to be exact!
12. That I would want to buy more stuff for anyone else more than I want to buy stuff for myself...but I'm addicted to buying baby stuff.
13. That I would ever be so terrified of tornado season-but seriously I think its going to be bad this year, and I want to make a survival kit so we can keep Sissy safe.
14. That anyone could have such SHARP fingernails...dang hers are like razor blades.
15. That I could be so tired...yet so happy.
16. That someone so cute could stink so much...or make such loud burps and toots.

Random Amelia Facts:
1. As mentioned before-She weighs 10lbs 1oz!!!!!  
2. The Early Access ladies came Tuesday and were impressed, again!
3. We still have a visiting nurse once a week.
4. Our NICU follow-up is on Tuesday
5. She will be 4 months on Wednesday
6. She has extremely long eyelashes
7. She can sit up with the help of the boppy

8. She makes hilarious faces ^
9. She has been to the grocery store a few times
10. She made her social debut at her cousins' (the Oliphant girls') birthday

11. Seriously look at that face! ^
12. She is getting awesome at holding her head up.
13. She grunts a lot
14. She has started cooing, and it is precious
15. She still is wearing newborn clothes-the 0-3 months are huge
16. She has had 2 babysitters other than immediate family (Aunt Audrey and Grandma Sharon)
17. She rolls over from belly to back like a champ
18. She still sleeps in the bassinet in the pack-n-play (Mommy and Daddy take turns)
19 She sleeps about 6 hours during the night
20. Her eyes are still blue

First Summer outfit-Thanks Aunt Audrey!

I'll let you know how the follow up goes!