Friday, April 6, 2012

Some things...

There are some things I never expected...

1. I could wake up before noon without being mad about it.
2. I could love anything or anyone so much (seriously, I love her more than anything-A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G.)
3. I could worry so much about little things.
4. That I wouldn't want to work (I thought it would make me bored, but I would love to be a stay at home mom).
5. That we could create someone so amazing and beautiful.

6. That I could function on such little sleep...I think you all know how much I love to sleep.
7. That I would ever not work at Best Buy.
8. That I would ever get to use my college degree! (YAY!)
9. That I would be so excited to start a diet. (I started Weight Watchers on Wednesday-I'm ready for the baby weight to be gone)
10. That we would have to buy 2, count them, 2 deep freezes for all the crazy amounts of breast milk that I pump.
11. That our little tiny 3lb 7oz girl would weigh 10 pounds!  10 lbs. 1 oz to be exact!
12. That I would want to buy more stuff for anyone else more than I want to buy stuff for myself...but I'm addicted to buying baby stuff.
13. That I would ever be so terrified of tornado season-but seriously I think its going to be bad this year, and I want to make a survival kit so we can keep Sissy safe.
14. That anyone could have such SHARP fingernails...dang hers are like razor blades.
15. That I could be so tired...yet so happy.
16. That someone so cute could stink so much...or make such loud burps and toots.

Random Amelia Facts:
1. As mentioned before-She weighs 10lbs 1oz!!!!!  
2. The Early Access ladies came Tuesday and were impressed, again!
3. We still have a visiting nurse once a week.
4. Our NICU follow-up is on Tuesday
5. She will be 4 months on Wednesday
6. She has extremely long eyelashes
7. She can sit up with the help of the boppy

8. She makes hilarious faces ^
9. She has been to the grocery store a few times
10. She made her social debut at her cousins' (the Oliphant girls') birthday

11. Seriously look at that face! ^
12. She is getting awesome at holding her head up.
13. She grunts a lot
14. She has started cooing, and it is precious
15. She still is wearing newborn clothes-the 0-3 months are huge
16. She has had 2 babysitters other than immediate family (Aunt Audrey and Grandma Sharon)
17. She rolls over from belly to back like a champ
18. She still sleeps in the bassinet in the pack-n-play (Mommy and Daddy take turns)
19 She sleeps about 6 hours during the night
20. Her eyes are still blue

First Summer outfit-Thanks Aunt Audrey!

I'll let you know how the follow up goes!


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