Thursday, August 1, 2013

19 months

HOLY CRAP-Amelia is 19 months (well almost 20 now).  We were busy busy.  We went to Branson for a family vacation with the Hornbuckles.  Amelia got to swim for the first time (check out the cuteness below).  We had a great time-it was mega-hot, and Amelia didn't nap well, so she was a "tad" cranky.
Check out the pictures below!
Here are your Amelia facts:

19 Month Facts:
Weighs-21ish lbs
Wears 12 month size clothes
Wears size 4 shoes
Wears size 3 diapers
Drinks whole milk
Still working on the spoon thing
dances and sings
Bedtime is between 7:30-8 and wakes up between 6:45-7

Loves to swim
Loves to give kisses to her kitty and puppy
Laughs at everything
Loves bath time
Has 7ish teeth with more coming
Loves to Facetime with Granny and Pop Pop
Loves to play at Papa and Grandma's house 

Is a total goof ball

cookie, Haleigh, Liberty, belly, nana (banana), WOW, oooooh (one of her faves), "Caw-Caw" (after we ask what a crow says), bird, bubble, bunny, cheese, Meow (after we ask what a kitty says), eyes, shoes, poo-poo (oh yay), please, thank you, yes, no, "k", puppy, kitty (actually sounds like Kitty now), Mommy, Daddy, Pop Pop, Papa, Poppy, nose, Baby, No-No, yeah, Don't, Hi, Bye Bye, Bear, ball, What's That (sounds like "WssAt?" while she points)  Amelia (A-BEE-YA)....I know there are more, but I can never think of them at the right time

Amelia had a little OCD and needed to organize the markers all caps up!

someone got a black eye :(