Thursday, June 16, 2011

Couple things...

Well we had a FABULOUS time in Saint Louis.  It was a perfect week that we got to share together and not worry about anything!

So since my last post, I had a little spotting for a couple of days, but today its gone.  So, who knows-I think I had something similar last month.  I have a message for the doctor to call me to schedule our follow-up appointment since its been 2 months since I started this new medicine.  I am not sure what he's going to want to do since I goofed up my meds this month.  We'll see.

I started Weigh Watchers last week.  I am attending meetings with Terry (Aaron's mom) and Audrey and Sharon are on it too.  We are all working together to stay motivated.  I want to lose weight before I get pregnant, mainly to be more healthy for the pregnancy, and so its easier to lose after having the baby.  My first week, I lost 1.6 lbs, so I'm off to a slow start, but its better than no start!  I'll keep you updated on how its going.

Love you all!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


So, we made it through the first month.  I didn't get too sick with the meds-I had some hot flashes during the Femara, but nothing that made me want to barf.  I wasn't pregnant after the first month, so now we are on the second month-we started over.  I goofed up the meds when I started taking them...dumb dumb dumb.  I started a day late, and then I realized on about the 3rd or 4th day that I was only taking one Femara at a time instead of 2.  So, who knows what that will do.  We will probably be trying again next month-but I won't goof the meds the next time.  Also-weird thing-I have been breaking out a lot...must be all the crazy hormones!

We are in Saint Louis right now for our anniversary.  We celebrated 3 years of marriage last Tuesday and couldn't be happier.  We are going to take advantage of my fabulous Christmas present tomorrow night by going to the Cardinals/Cubs game and sitting SO close!  I can't wait!!!!

We have been working hard at work, and on the house (basement-finally) and working at helping Audrey, Zach and Sharon move Pet Kingdom by getting the new building ready.  We both love spending time not only working on the building, but spending all of our free time over there and playing with the girls...They are getting SO big!!!
Us outside of the City Museum in STL