Friday, June 28, 2013

18 Months!!!!

Our baby girl is a year and a half old!  Seriously, it's so crazy to me to think of that.  The past 18 months have been amazing and terrifying and so rewarding.  She amazes us every single day, seriously.  She will do something, and Aaron and I will look at each other in amazement.

We had her 18 month appointment last week with Dr. Pak.  She weighed 20.4 lbs (4 percentile for actual age), she was 28.6 inches tall (1 percentile-short like Mommy) and she actually got weighed on the big kid scale (standing) and measured on the regular height measuring thingy (technical-I know).  She's grown 2 inches since her 1 year check up and gained 2.7 lbs.  The doctor and nurse were very impressed with how she is doing.  Besides her being little, she is right on track for development!  It's such a relief to hear them say that every time we go to the doctor.  We love Dr. Pak because he is SO cautious with her.  He still doesn't want her to eat peanut butter, strawberries or any kind of fish until she's two.  Since those are the easiest foods for kiddos to be allergic to, and since she was so premature, he just wants to be extra careful.  Of course we are totally on board with this plan, but it's kind of hard sometimes since I tend to eat peanut butter and strawberries almost every day.  I just don't eat it in front of her.  She is developing quite a pallet for "grown up" food, but sometimes she is really picky.  She LOVES to eat cheese, and doesn't always like potatoes.
 Here are the photos from the past month, followed by the 18 month facts-enjoy!

18 Month Facts:
Weighs-20.4 lbs
Wears 12 month size clothes
Wears size 4 shoes
Wears size 3 diapers
Drinks about 5 oz of milk whenever she wants
Clearly is still working on using a spoon (sometimes licking the plate seems to be more fun)
Will stop what she is doing to "sing" and dance to the Lion Sleeps Tonight
Likes to watch Disney Junior (Sophia the First, and Octonauts seems to be her favorites)
Bedtime is between 7:30-8 and wakes up between 6:45-7
Is a CHATTY KATHY-words include:
Mama, Dada, Pop Pop, Papa, Baby, No-No, yeah, Don't, Hi, Bye Bye, please, Bear, ball, Kitty (ditty), What's That (sounds like "WssAt?" while she points) Puppy, Poppy, Amelia (A-BEE-YA).  

Makes funny duck lips, and Popeye face
Loves to give kisses to her kitty and puppy
Laughs at everything
Loves bath time

Can climb up on the couch by herself (eek!)
Can go down the little slide by herself
Is reallllllly good at problem solving
Is getting more bottom teeth
Loves to Facetime with Granny and Pop Pop
Loves to play at Papa and Grandma's house 
And is our sweet funny girl!