Wednesday, April 20, 2011

News from the Doctor

So FINALLY, we got our insurance changed, so that we could go to the doctor and get this baby making underway. Here is the process so far (starting from the beginning).

We have been trying for about a year with no success. My evil period started coming back constantly, so they put me back on birth control to stop it. SOOO, we've just been waiting for our insurance to change to go talk to the doctor.

I had my first appointment last Friday. After talking to the doctor, he said "sounds like you're not Ovulatory, so he had me come back in on Monday for blood work and an ultrasound. Turns out it wasn't the gooey on your tummy ultrasound...poor Aaron-he was mortified!!! I think he was much more uncomfortable than I was! Anyways, we went back on Tuesday to talk about the results.

On Tuesday, Dr. Feltz went over the results with me. He said all of the blood work came back fine (so no thyroid problem or diabetes etc). Then he showed me the results of my ultrasound. He said that I have a "soft" case of PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). Essentially, my ovaries never finish developing eggs, so he prescribed me some medicine. I am going to take Metformin, and then on days 3-7 of my cycle, I'm going to take Femera. They essentially should fix my ovaries and hormones so that I should ovulate properly, so I can have some babies!

Aaron and I are both SUPER excited!!!! More to how sick the medicine makes me :/

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