Thursday, August 9, 2012


So I’m behind as usual.  This is a late 7 month update, with an 8 month update coming soon…yeah, I know 8 months-I was surprised too.
first trip to the farmer's market

Amelia is amazing.  Well duh-you all knew that already.  She loves the big girl food!  So far we have had green beans, carrots (loved!!), squash, applesauce (you’d think we never fed her before the way she scarfed it down), and right now we are on bananas-which holy cow she loves those too.  Honestly, this kid just really likes food.  She even likes cereal mixed with banana (thanks Aunt Audrey for giving us that tip).  Obviously, not that you want to know, but her poop has become….ummm…special.  That’s all I’m going to say about that J
Amelia is doing some new, entertaining things:
1-      She can sit up when sitting on the bed, but not quite on the floor.  She needs just a little help-I think it’s because her big smart brain is weighing her down. 
2-      2-She has the best little belly laugh.  Her daddy will tickle her with his beard and she loves it!!!  It’s the best free entertainment.  The other night, Daddy was getting her to giggle/screech, and Peyton was really worried.  I think he thought she was crying, and he was torn-oh no, my Sissy is upset, but Daddy is the one causing it-what do I do???  We had to keep telling him that it was ok.  It was hilarious. 
giggling at Mommy
3-      3-She will grunt/screech for attention if she is sitting in her little chair that Aunt Sissy (Andrea) bought her.  It cracks us up.  This kid is happy 95% of the time!
her new chair

4-       4-She is doing this new pre-crawling thing, where she can get up on all fours and sort of lunge forward.  Sometimes she has a hard time picking up her jumbo melon (again, she’s smart, she can’t help her basketball head is so big).  Her favorite mode of transportation is probably a mix of this new lunging thing with a dash of rolling around.  Do not leave her unattended, for sure.
5-       5-This one isn’t so entertaining, if she is laying in her little rocking bassinet and gets mad, she will roll over and push herself up and out of the seat belt-NOT COOL!!!! Mommy gives her a stern talking to when that happens.
drama queen
Some new changes in our world-Aaron got laid off from Best Buy.  It was kind of a surprise, but kind of not.  We knew something was going to happen, because they seem to be in trouble.  Sooo, it just so happened that Aaron had already started looking for a new job, because he had been unhappy for a while.  A week or so before, he had posted to Facebook about anyone hiring in Newton.  An old friend from high school messaged him and introduced him to her fiancé which was looking for some help at Meredith Corporation in Des Moines.  (Meredith is who publishes Better Homes and Gardens and some other fabulous magazines that I love)  So Aaron started talking to Scott, the fiancé, and he was only out of a job for a week.  Aaron loves Meredith.  The environment is great, they have a great time, the job is challenging (he does Web Analysis) and he is learning a new skill.  Not to mention-the pay is pretty nice too.  Technically, Aaron is a contract employee though-which means he isn’t permanent yet.  So hopefully they will realize that Meredith can’t go on without Aaron Hornbuckle under their roof!  The past several weeks have been excellent-Aaron is happy at work again (which has been a long time coming).  Thank the Lord!

 accessory shopping with Mommy and Granny at Michael's
The other change, is that Sissy will start going to real daycare.  Grandpa (Baba as we call him) starts having classes Monday –Thursday this next semester, so we decided it was time to get something more permanent.  So she will be attending daycare Monday-Thursday with Emily and the few kiddos that she watches.  We are excited and nervous.  We were really lucky to find Emily, she seems to have the same attitude about things as we do and I feel like we clicked right away.  She’s awesome with Amelia, too.  It just so happens that her husband works at Rock too-small world. 
this is how she sleeps-too funny

Oh my goodness, this entry is long-this is why I shouldn’t wait so long to post.  I’m wrapping this one up-here are your Amelia fun facts:
She weighed 14 lbs. at the doctor the other day (we went because she has her first little cold).  She eats 3 ½ to 4 ounces every 3ish hours, and has a fruit or veggie once or twice a day, we busted out size 2 diapers last night, she wears 3 month size clothes, she sleeps in the pack & play at the foot of our bed (she does not like her crib), she can sit up on her own on the bed, but not on the floor, she is pre-crawling, she is always full of laughs and smiles, she likes to play with this “book” that Aunt Sissy got her-it crinkles, she pretty much only gets showers now, today is her last day with Aunt Audrey, she loves to play with the Bees (Brienna calls her Meilma and they play with her “shake” (rattle)), she is surviving her first cold, and I have managed to not have a panic attack, oh and 1 more-she’s adorable!
eating the book from Aunt Sissy

Have a great day everyone!


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