Friday, May 17, 2013

17 Months

Oh wowza, it's that time again!  Amelia turned 17 months old last Saturday.  I just looked through the 16 month post and can I just say that she looks so much bigger to me now.  She's a little wild woman.  We've had a super busy month.  We went to the Oliphant girls' dance recital, had a NICU follow-up (which was awesome, and she said that she wasn't sure that we needed to come back), we went to Kansas City to see some of my family, Aaron and I went to see Rock of Ages at the Civic Center, we've had crazy weather, but we've played outside a LOT.  Here are tons of pictures and the 17 month facts!

anyone else see the resemblance? 

so excited to have 2 foo-foos

eating Zombie Burger after the NICU follow- up

ONLY sippy cups for this big girl-no more bottles!

someone loves Poppy Bear

Rock of Ages:

Helping Mommy bake:

 Playing outside with the girls!

Pig tails!!!!

 Playing at Papas house:

In KC, meeting family for the first time

 Some Silliness:

The girls donated their playhouse!!  We love it!

Don't judge Mommy, she let me play with an ipod cord because it made me happy and I screamed when she took it away.

17 Month Facts:
Weighs-I don't know, probably 20ish pounds
Wears 12 month size clothes, although there are some random small things that still fit
Wears size 4 SHOES! finally, we got her some real shoes-cute little Nikes
Wears size 3 diapers
Drinks about 5 oz of milk from a SIPPY CUP only (yay!)-in fact the week I posted about 16 months, I decided we weren't trying hard enough with a sippy cup, so we just did it.  It only took her like 3 days to be completely done, and she probably would've done it faster if her parents could get their stuff together :)
Loves to feed herself-she likes finger foods like green beans, chicken etc. but this girl LOVES to operate a spoon.  We practice with pudding
Her favorite activity right now is playing outside in the playhouse that Aunt Audrey and Uncle Zachy gave us.  She does NOT want to come inside (just like her parents)
Loves music-when we watch Big Bang Theory, she will stop what she is doing so she can dance to "Soft Kitty" it's her favorite
Favorite song on Pandora-"The Lion Sleeps Tonight"--every version of it.  She stops playing and boogies.
Bedtime is between 7-7:30 and wakes up between 6:15-6:45
TALKS, talks and talks some more.  She has little conversations with us.  In fact she is starting to say more words, they include:
Mama, Dada, Pop Pop, Papa, Baby (that was her word for a while-everyone was Baby), No-No, yeah, Don't, Hi, Bye Bye, PLEASE (thank you dear baby-sitter, Emily), Bear, Kitty (ditty), What's That (sounds like "WssAt?" while she points) Puppy, Poppy, Amelia (A-BEE-YA).  We try really hard to get her to say Granny, but the G sound is too hard. I'm sure there's more that I'm missing, and she does repeat a lot of what we say.
She does funny things like pointing at everything, shakes her head back and forth and nods (while she raises her eyebrows),  and makes pouty faces by flaring her nostrils and making duck's so hard not to laugh
Knows to swing her legs down first when getting off the couch
Gives kisses to everyone including the cat
Likes to bodyslam her cat
Giggles and screeches (in the highest pitch possible)
Loves bath time
Has been teething for a while, and yet you could barely tell by her attitude.
Loves to Facetime with Granny and Pop Pop
Loves to play at Papa and Grandma's house (and run down the hallway into the rooms where we forgot to close the doors)
Doesn't want me to put her hair up

She's a silly goose!

Some other things:
I had a great Mother's Day-Aaron and Amelia bought me a super cute bench at Junk Jubilee:

I'm sure I'm missing some important stuff....but I'll remember next time :)

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