Thursday, April 25, 2013

Front Door Welcome Sign

Hello friends!
Last weekend, I decided to use the Cricut that I HAD to have :).  Mom bought me a Cricut Expression 2 for Christmas this past year, and I haven't had much time to play with it.  But finally, the stars aligned, Amelia took a nap, Aaron worked in the basement, and I, for once didn't need a nap (I know-don't die of shock).  I was inspired by my friend Emily at Sugar for Breakfast.  She did an awesome front door redo at her house this past month.

I purchased some black vinyl from Wal-Mart (the ONLY store in our small town) for about $10.  I used Cricut Craft Room to line up my lettering in the most efficient way possible.  I chose a cute font, and made it as big as the computer would let me.  I cut the vinyl, and used painters tape to apply the lettering on the door.  It was a little tricky because I couldn't see what I was doing.  I'm not one to measure-I'm a eye-ballin' kind of girl.  Here is the painters tape on the front door:

I started peeling off the tape.

This is what eye-ballin' gets you...oopsies!  the "to the" is a little low, but I honestly don't mind it much.  Looks like the front door needs a little touch up.  Don't worry, the grammar police got the better of me and I added an apostrophe.

Here is the zoomed out version with our cute Spring wreath.  The birds even love this wreath-they keep trying to build a nest in it!

It's a good start, but I suspect that I will re-do it even bigger.
What do you think???

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  1. For me, your front door is beautiful even without the embellishment. You have a good choice of color as it matched well with the gold door knob. Nevertheless, the décor and the lettering made your door look more inviting. People will surely be delighted to enter your house when they see it.

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