Friday, April 12, 2013

Easter Post (tons of pictures!)

We had a great Easter weekend!  It started on Saturday with going to the Bee's b-day party.  The party was SO cute, complete with a visit from Minnie Mouse!  Amelia had a great time, and actually got to participate (eat cake, play with the girls, "help" with the presents).  Last year the Bee's 2nd birthday party was when Amelia made her social debut.  After the party, we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's house for dinner and an Easter egg hunt.  This was also the first Easter that Amelia actually got to participate in.  She was too little last year.

Here are the pics from Saturday:

puffs are better than hunting for eggs

hunting for eggs


help from Papa and Uncle Leigh

where are you eggs?

Haleigh is such a good cousin
Haleigh loves her "Baby Cousin"

a BABY!!!!

checkin' out the loot

Amelia was hoarding eggs under her dress

obviously my kid has a Hello Kitty Easter basket (she has a Vampire Hello Kitty Halloween basket too)

Cousin Love
The Easter Bunny came over once we got home and got set up for Sunday.

On Sunday, we got up to check out the treasures from the Easter Bunny before going to a beautiful church service:
Daddy had to hold her back so i could get the camera ready


aww love the baby

Bunny holding a baseball in honor of Opening Day

writing on the magnadoodle
Time for Church!

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