Wednesday, April 17, 2013

16 Months!

So queue the obvious phrase: Amelia is 16 months, can you believe it?!  

16 Month Facts:
Weighs probably about 20lbs
Wears size 12 month clothes (although some 9 month stuff still fits) and size 12 month size shoes! 
Drinks 5 oz of whole milk every 3-4 hours (or whenever she wants) mainly from a bottle (she really isn't interested in a sippy cut-throwing on the ground is a lot more fun)
Eats finger foods and baby food-loves seriously might be addicted
Favorite word is "HI"...she says it to everyone and everything. 
Says Mama, Dada, Hi, Baby, Pop Pop, Papa (anything with a "P" is it's a secret), Puppy/Poppy (depending on who we are looking at), Kitty (ditty), Amelia (sounds like A-BEE-YA) and mimics animal noises
Willingly gives kisses to Mommy and Daddy
Is getting 4 teeth at a time right now-that'll make a total of 6!
Waves to everyone and points at everything
has very long hair-long enough for a pony tail
Likes to play with the cat-she won't leave him alone
LOVES to video chat with Granny and PopPop, and gets really excited to see herself on the screen, and see it switch to them.
Favorite book is "Happy Baby 123"-we read the book, make animal noises and kiss most of the pages
Favorite toy is her baby doll "Baby"

and I would like to add this:

little things she does that surprise/amaze/annoy/ me or make me giggle(in no particular order)
loves to play "Sooooo Big!" (she's been doing it for a while, but it cracks me up)
can walk up the steps (I'm not a fan)
can take her clothes off (also not a fan)
grinds her teeth (hurts my soul and my mouth)
mimics animal noises that I make while we read her book
is SOOOOO lovey, she gives constant kisses now
knows to take bites of food (she's done this for a while too)
can get out of the baby gate
knows what "Where is your ___?" means (she looks for the named item)
when she's done with a bottle she does a "mic drop"  it makes us laugh every time
knows what the different buttons on her toys do
"puts her coat on" (she really just wraps it around herself upside down)
gets down off the couch by herself
climbs on everything

She's pretty great, and we couldn't be happier :)

first ponytail!

proof that she does not always have a smile on her face
proof that it changes back to a smile quickly

yay Opening Day of baseball!

Factime with Granny and Pop Pop

Sass-mouthin' her Papa

She got to play with the Bee's at Aunt Audrey's house for 2 days last week!

watching the rain at Papa's

checkin' out all of the wipes....thanks for teaching her, naughty day care kids :)


working on her putting at Aunt Audrey's

time to hit the links

feeding herself with a spoon for the first time!

"cuddling" with her brother, Sammy...he's not impressed

shredding some tissues

being a cowgirl

eating like a zombie at Zombieburger

we have a big girl!!!

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  1. She is so dang cute! And what a fun age with such a fun baby