Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Foyer Update

So sometime last summer, my BFF (Audrey) and I were at Junk Jubilee at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.  We both really love the junky goodness.  Anyway, I saw this big black "H" at one of the booths and decided that I must have it.  The more we walked around, the more letters we saw-some cut out of rusty metal roofing, some were plastic letters from old signs, and a variety of other styles.  So Audrey looks at me and says "you should make an "H" wall, and I will start an "O" wall (see her post about it here and follow her blog).  best. idea. ever.  For several months the h's sat in a pile in my craft room collecting dust.  Every time either one of us would go somewhere, we would look for h's and o's.  Finally, I had a good eclectic collection of h's.  After we took down the Christmas tree this year (we put the Christmas tree in the foyer this year to keep Amelia out of it) I FINALLY quit procrastinating and started hangin' h's.  This is how it turned out-

I started with this arrangement,  it was a work in progress and I couldn't decide if I was going to fill the entire wall with h's, or put something else underneath.  I thought about finding an old junky dresser and restoring it, then my genius mom suggested that I revive a table that I already had (except it's hers, but I stole it fair and square.)  

The bottom of the table is the base to an old sewing machine, and the top is a nice finished piece of wood that the next door neighbor cut for her.  Mom used to have the table behind her couch.  It fit perfectly here.  Then I dug out this old duck lamp that my Grandma gave my Daddy a long time ago (Aaron's idea), and added some of my favorite pictures (a few from our wedding and one of Amelia)-and voila!  A very cheap update to our foyer...now I just need to hide the ugly cord.

What do you think?



  1. love it!!!! I may have to start an S wall, except, I don't know if I have any cute places to put one!